Updates & new features - Condor 3.3.0.

Condor Technologies

Condor's latest software update 3.3.0 has now been released to all of our users. Read on to learn more about our new features and improvements.

Pause scanning in real time

During a scan, press the "On / Off" button on the handpiece to pause or resume the acquisition. You will have the possibility to rotate your right 3D-model. To finish an acquisitition and start the 3D model reconstruction, it will be necessary to click on the button "end scan", or do a long push on the top button of the handpiece.

Enhanced margin lines functionality

Margin lines available in the occlusion landmark for download.

Notification mechanism

New functionality. A new notification mechanism is now activated on the application as well as on the web portal to inform the user about:

  • Updates on prosthetic orders (accepted / refused / new date proposed)
  • Status on contact requests (accepted / denied / new request from another user)

Improved accuracy

50 microns on full arch

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