Updates & new features - Condor 3.2.0.

Condor Technologies

Condor's latest software update has now been released to all of our users. Read on to learn more about our new features and improvements.

1. Improved color quality

2. Enhanced precision

Decrease of divergences when scanning the canine

Inter dental, sharper definition line on the STL

3. Better occlusion module

  • Calculation times have been optimised, including for full arches and bridges
  • Addition of occlusion calculation on front teeth
  • You can change the step with which to adjust the occlusion

4. Condor Perspective integration

  • After performing a scan, it's now possible to open it in Condor Perspective
  • This feature will greatly speed up your digital workflow

5. Improved user feedback

  • We're now showing a message when you start the application with an unplugged camera
  • A short guide is now presented when launching a scan session

6. Improved account management options

You are now able to request the deletion of your account

7. Chat window management

The chat window and it's appearance have been significantly improved.

8. Real-time search for contacts

You can now search in real-time whether a contact has already been added to our database.
This makes it easier to add new contacts.