Updates & new features - Condor 3.0.0.

Condor Technologies

The new Condor software version is here and we're very excited to share it with you.
Read on to learn more about the updates & new features!

1. Improvements on overall & full-arch accuracy

As always, the Condor algorithm has grown to a more stable and performant system. Overall scan quality has improved and should give even crisper images compared to previous versions. As promised, our development team put a lot of focus in usage of the Condor on the complete arch, and has made the algorithm more robust to larger scans with movements over a full arch.

2. Condor Cutting Tool

Whether a finger is in the scan or the tooth just needs a bit more trimming, there is no need to retake the complete scan. With the Condor cutting tool, you’ll simply select and erase a specific spot, and only add new data to that specific area.

3. Add precision to a selected area

Comparable to the cutting tool, you select an area that needs to be adjusted. The software will then only pick up new data in the selected field.

4. Audio feedback & improved tracking

To keep track of your scanning easier, visual and audio feedback are taken to a next level in the latest version. Not only do you monitor on the screen whether the scanner is capturing data, an optional audio feature has been added as well. This way, you’ll stay on track easier when alternating between viewing on-screen and in-mouth.

5. Subfolders for cases & patients

Organizing and documenting cases & patients should become easier with an improved folder structure. This gives you the possibility to add subfolders to each patient. Scans before, during and after treatments are now kept all together in the same main folder but nicely organized for each case. The good thing is that there is no limit to the number of subfolders, and files are easily dragged to another location, allowing each user to customize their own system of workflow.

6. Intelligent disk cleaner

An automated disk cleaner has been added to our latest version. With this new feature, the Condor system is continuously monitoring its performance and cleaning disk space where possible. It should keep the system lean and prevent it from going slow whenever there is too much data piling up.

7. Russian & Italian translations added

Obviously not relevant to everyone, but very much to our latest users, we have added two new translations to the Condor Software. With Chinese, Taiwanese, English and French already available, we currently total at six. We are finalizing translations to Portugese and Spanish as well, which should be enabled in one of the coming updates. Language settings can be changed in the upper-right corner of the Condor software. By improving the language selection menu , we made it easier to select your own language.

We would like to thank our users for their continuous feedback, helping the Condor only become better with every update. Next on our agenda is news about the Condor Support Tool and a smaller update in July.