Exclusive Distributor appointed in Japan

Condor Technologies

Condor Technologies announces the appointment of iLand solutions as their exclusive distributor in Japan.

March 3rd 2017 – Ghent, Belgium – Today Condor Technologies NV/SA announced the Exclusive Distribution Agreement has been signed between Condor Technologies and iLAND solutions Co. Ltd. in Japan (Japanese name: iCAT Corporation,, Osaka, CEO / Managing Director:Masaya Saigan)

iLAND solutions Co. Ltd. is a university venture company established in 2003 based on the technologies of Osaka University, School of Dentistry. Their wide range of products include an Implant Planning Software - with the largest market share in Japan - Dental CBCT machines and a CAD/CAM Dental Lab. Introducing Condor Intra-oral scanner through iLAND’s network generates an extremely high synergy effect. Both parties are confident that to have met a perfect partner.

Currently, iLAND and Condor are proceeding with the preparations for pharmaceutical approval in Japan, aiming to launch Condor Intra-oral Scanner in Japanese market by the end of 2017. The day when Condor Intra-oral Scanner is available in the Japanese market, one of the major markets in the world, is just around the corner.

More news about Condor’s distribution network is coming soon!